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Cleveland Browns v New York Jets

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The NFL season begins this Thursday night and Odell Beckham Jr. has found himself in the creamy center of controversy. Let the internet tell it, OBJ has already been catching smooth, brown, oblong-shaped objects and no, we are not talking about footballs.

Chief Keef’s baby mama, Slim Danger, says the dancin’ baller must be a huge fan of the infamous Notorious B.I.G. skit where he recounts the time a young woman wanted the rapper to “cock over her and s#!t on her stomach” (if you’re too young to remember the skit before “Nasty Boy” on Life After Death then do ya Googles).

Slim Danger appeared on the No Jumper podcast “Thots Next Door” alongside attention slores Celina Powell and an Instathot named Aliza to spill the refried rear-end beans about Odell’s posterior proclivities. She says OBJ wanted her to cop a squat and…relieve herself on him as a sex act. Considering the source, this story should be taken with gratuitous grains of salt. It could very easily be complete bulls#!t, horses#!t, and f**ks#!t. Peep the clip below.

As you can already imagine, the jokes are writing themselves in 280-characters or less…

Listen, it’s one thing to be freaky but it’s another thing entirely to be feces. God bless Odell and whatever he likes behind closed doors (or underneath open butt cheeks) but if this is true then he absolutely needs to employ the discretion that the good Lord gave him when it comes to sex partners because…people ain’t s#!t *rimshot*

As if Odell hasn’t already had enough trouble with butts in his past…


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