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Celebrities Visit Reality Check - February 10, 2020

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More assault accusations are coming out against reality star Tahiry Jose after she accused Joe Budden of physically abusing her, which he denied and called her a “cancerous toxic liar.” Weeks before dropping the Budden allegations, rapper Vado lunged at her on TV after viewers saw Tahiry throw apples at his face for “Marriage Bootcamp” cameras. This time, Tahiry’s former so-star Jonathan Fernandez is speaking up because he apparently wants Tahiry to own up to “her part”. Fernandez says Tahiry actually got violent on sent, attacking three male crew members while they worked together.

“I had no interest in watching Tahiry’s interview with Jason Lee. Jason Lee is my friend, I love him and adore him but I don’t really care to listen to people I know [who] lie. I just want to clarify some things there were not mentioned.”

As Jonathan sat in a public space and spoke into his phone for Instagram live, he began to explain his issues with Tahiry who once had a beef with him for #LHHNY cameras. Jonathan says Tahiry once accused him of being two-faced to her but the reality was they were merely strangers working together. That’s when he says she turned violent onset.

“For you to sit here in this interview with Jason Lee where you’re unraveling about so many things—you’re a victim to me, you’re a victim to Vado, you’re a victim to Joe Budden, you’re a victim to so many people. And it’s like, at what point, the huge star that you are Tahiry Jose, at what point are you going to take accountability?”

“She is a person who assaults people,” Jonathan added.

“My reaction is to diffuse situations with comedy. Her instant reaction is to hit and get aggressive. So, what you guys never saw, was first, that same day, she assaulted not one, not two, but three male crew members from the show with her purse. She assaulted them physically. When I addressed her about it, she says she doesn’t remember.” He said that Tahiry’s excuse is that “she blacked out” and during a later incident, she confronted him angrily while pushing his head with her fingers.

Jonathan added that he isn’t excusing any of the abuse Tahiry says she may have endured, but he feels like she’s leaving out some of her actions to paint a certain picture of herself, which doesn’t sit right with him. Hit play below to hear him.

Are you surprised that Jonathan spoke up against Tahiry like this? Earlier this year, Jonathan and Joe Budden’s son’s mother Cyn Santana met Tahiry face to face at a birthday party and the situation escalated to the point where Tahiry started screaming at them.


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