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Lordy, there are tapes

Donald Trump was fully aware of the consequences of coronavirus as early as February 7 when he sat for one of EIGHTEEN interviews with veteran journalist Bob Woodward for his new book Rage. Yesterday, the NYTimes obtained and published damning audio of Trump fully acknowledging that COVID-19 was “deadly stuff” more than a month before America shut down completely to stave off further infections.

This isn’t a case of “anonymous sources” or “sources say”. No, these are the words of the man himself. But don’t believe us, believe your ears. Listen to the audio for yourself below.


This man knew in FEBRUARY that our grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents, siblings, and friends would die and yet he stood in front of us all saying “one day it will just disappear like a miracle” and encouraging people not to wear masks. In a weak attempt to justify letting tens of thousands of Americans die, this is what the MAGA moron had to say for himself:

“We don’t want to instill panic,” the president said on Wednesday. “We don’t want to jump up and down and start shouting that we have a problem that is a tremendous problem” and “scare everybody.”

Joe Biden took the opportunity to spit hot fire in reaction to this latest revelation and make the case that a significant amount of blood is on Trump’s hands because of his desire to get re-elected.


Sad thing is, all of Trump’s devoted d!¢kheads will still vote for him even if they were personally affected by COVID-19.

Please vote in November.


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