Ruff Ryders Chronicles Explores DMX's Struggle With Fame

#RuffRydersChronicles: DMX Talks About His Different Sides, “I Don’t Know If I Made Them Or If God Gave Them To Me” [VIDEO]

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Ruff Ryders Chronicles

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DMX is a complex artist and his story continues to be a complex one. If you haven’t been watching “Ruff Ryders Chronicles,” and you consider yourself a fan of hip hop, we highly suggest you watch the series, which has been airing on BET since last month and is available on YouTube and On Demand.

As huge fans of DMX we particularly loved the parts of the series that focused on him, so we wanted to share this video with our readers because it explores so much about X. At one point he discusses his “different sides,” which he is reluctant to share much about. His ex-wife Tashera explains that “Earl is the child that could have been, before his dad left and his mom just didn’t know how to handle him. X was created to protect Earl, to take on all trauma of his childhood, he’s the angry one. DMX is the entertainer, it’s another protector of Earl but so much nicer…”

“They’re there — to get me through life,” DMX says, before continuing, “I don’t know if I made them, or if God gave them to me.”

It’s really riveting to watch. Powerful, at times sad. The music still hits so hard too. It’s amazing to see those behind the scenes sessions of X putting together And Then There Was X and to hear Irv Gotti talk about making X just mad enough to take the music where it needed to be.


It’s sad that ultimately there are obviously still a lot of unresolved feelings about the business of Ruff Ryders. Did anything from “Ruff Ryders Chronicles” surprise you or touch you particularly?


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