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Please for the love of God, leave us ALONE 2020! That’s the message we’re spreading following an announcement from a crab leg crackin’/Cheddar Bay biscuit gorging establishment.

MTN Dew Margarita

Source: Red Lobster / PepsiCo

Red Lobster and PepsiCo announced this week that they’re releasing a Mountain Dew margarita a.k.a. the DEW Garita which will soon be available at all Red Lobster restaurants.

“It’s big. It’s green. And it tastes even more incredible than it looks! Introducing the NEW! DEW Garita,” reads an official announcement.

The DEW Garita will begin rolling out throughout the rest of this month and a press release claims that it “pairs perfectly with Red Lobster’s iconic Cheddar Bay Biscuits®.” Additionally, the Hulk green-colored cocktail concoction is made “using a top-secret recipe” and will be available nationwide by the end of 2020. A press release also notes that there are more co-created menu items like this to follow.

“Red Lobster is thrilled to work with PepsiCo, not only because it has a great portfolio of brands, but specifically because of the food and beverage innovation possibilities,” said Nelson Griffin, Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer at Red Lobster. “The DEW Garita is the first delicious taste of the types of inspired menu items to come.”

The DEW Garita is also available for to-go orders in select states.

The announcement comes on the heels of Taco Bell Canada introducing their Toasted Cheesy Chalupa’s Jalapeño Noir wine pairing.

“The rich taste and crunchy texture of the beloved Toasted Cheesy Chalupa complements notes of wild strawberry, cherry, and beetroot in this silky limited-edition red wine,” says TB Canada about the wine.


Please pray for everyone’s corroded kidneys.


Are YOU trying Red Lobster’s DEW Garita???


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