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Crackers Opened with Peanut Butter

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Big Brother never seems to make it through a season with some instances of racism, bigotry, or highly offensive misogyny. It’s as inevitable as Thanos. Today, TMZ reports that this season’s case of hate is here and fans are rightfully freaking the f**k out.

It’s beyond us why these people don’t know the rules already. When you’re on a reality TV show, ESPECIALLY one like Big Brother, you’re always on the mic. Always. But maybe some of these wypipo know the rules and just get too comfortable being who they actually are. Which is pretty ironic considering most people believe reality TV is faker than eyelashes at a strip club but we digress.

Big Brother: All-Stars

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Something called a Memphis Garrett was caught on one of the aforementioned hot mics complaining to Cody Calafiore about a Black housemate named David Alexander. Can you tell that we don’t watch this show at ALL? In the midst of his rant, Memphis took a small break to insert some good ol’ Amerikkkan racism. Not subtle racism either. Full-throated racism like the kind meemaw used to make.

Don’t take our word for it. Press play on the video down below and peep the bigoted beast in its natural habitat…

What you gonna do, CBS?



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