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Some of you may remember the name Jake Gardner. He is the white bar owner in Omaha, Nebraska who killed James Scurlock during the nationwide protests that took place following the George Floyd murder. Just this past Wednesday (September 23), Gardner had been indicted for Scurlock’s manslaughter among other charges. According to CNN, Gardner committed suicide to escape justice inside a clinic near Portland, Oregon yesterday.

Gardner’s attorney, Stu Dornan released a statement: “The family of Jake Gardner has asked Tom Monaghan and myself to share the news of his death today, at his own hand.”

Bum-ass Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine didn’t charge Gardner initially saying that he “acted in self-defense” and offered the egregious excuse that he didn’t believe that Gardner was “somebody who walked out and was trying to hunt down somebody.”

Well, d!ckhead, it doesn’t matter what you personally think about whether or not Jake Gardner “hunts down” people. He killed a person who was not threatening his life. That is a crime. Quit your job and fall down the stairs immediately.

To make matters worse, Kleine disgustingly tried to use Gardner’s military service as a shield against wrongdoing, “He told us that he felt that he was in the war zone that night outside of his bar with violence, the tear gas, and the mass confusion.”

Man, f**k him and his war zone. Don’t talk to us about this a$$hole being some honorable hero after he killed man then cowardly killed himself to avoid the repercussions of his actions. We can’t even say “good riddance” because Jake Gardner should be in a cell, not a grave.




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