James Scurlock murdered by white business owner while protesting in Omaha

#BlackLivesMatter: Bar-Owning Cop-casian Bigot Murders Unarmed Protester James Scurlock In Omaha

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The regular cops are bad enough, but these white folks who think their skin is a uniform and their hatred is a badge, the cop-casians, they are the worst.

In the midst of this weekend’s nationwide rebellion, there were several reminders as to why Amerikkka was burning. One of those was the murder of James Scurlock at the hands of a man who is said to be a racist, homophobe, and anti-LGBTQ+.

According to Omaha World-Herald, Scurlock was participating in a protest in the Old Market section of Omaha, Nebraska Saturday when he and others marched past a bar called The Hive. A man named Jake Gardner owns The Hive. He is seen in a viral video brandishing a gun as a bystander warns the oncoming group of protesters, including someone who appears to be Scurlock, that he is armed. After a brief scuffle, you can hear gunshots go off before the video abruptly ends.

Here is the clip. It is not bloody nor do you see a body or anything of the sort. However, at this time it can be very triggering. We advise you do not watch if you feel like it will be a detriment to your mental health.

Because of the extensive news coverage of the uprising, this story isn’t getting the attention that it needs. Thanks to social media, we know everything we need to know about Jake Gardner.

The World-Herald also notes that back in 2016 Gardner was blasted publicly for his bigotry.

Gardner’s tenure as a club owner has included some controversy. In 2016, the bar installed a unisex bathroom, and he said transgender women should not use the women’s restroom unless they have had their “appendage” removed and their state identification changed. Gardner later called the controversy a learning experience.

Police Chief Todd Schmaderer said on Sunday that Gardner was still in custody but charges have not yet been announced.

“Any charging decision on that front will come from the county attorney’s office,” Schmaderer said. “And he tells me that will be accompanied by a press conference.”

They better hurry the f**k up. Omaha can burn too…

Rest in eternal peace, James Scurlock. We will continue to fight for your justice and the justice of all Black people who have suffered unjust deaths at the hands of white people and police.



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