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This b!t¢h…

No one should be surprised at anything that comes out of Tomi Lahren‘s mouth but that doesn’t mean that her words fall on deaf ears. We hear her loud and clear and we don’t hide our desire for her to receive the painful and/or embarrassing karma that she so richly deserves. Interpret that any way you’d like.

Yesterday, the Amerikkkan “justice” system decided that Breonna’s life doesn’t matter and Tumor Loogie was SUPER excited to agree. 7 minutes after the grand jury decision was announced by Koontucky Attorney General Daniel KKKameron, Tawny took her dumbass on Twitter to say…this…

Breonna’s death had nothing to do with resisting arrest so what the f**k this ho is talking about is anyone’s guess. She tried to clean it up with some faux empathy that she can shove right up her DAP.

Her true thoughts were revealed when she began responding to people who were frying her bird-ass for her caucasian headassery.

To be clear, no one is “entitled” to physically attack Turnip but we certainly don’t mind if they do. It is what it is. Don’t start none, won’t be none.

Tiki Torch Lightning could not longer obfuscate her disdain for Breonna and finally decided to play the bigot joker…

We all know why Kenneth Walker fired those shots because the police either didn’t announce themselves at all or at the very least audibly enough that a SLEEPING PERSON would awake and hear the announcement. Maybe one day Tangi will walk into the wrong house like Amber Guyger and get shot a couple times by a scared person who thought she was a burglar. Then she’ll understand.



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