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In some strong (ex)stripper swirl news…

Yolanda Leak
is completely done being catfished and she’s moving from Williamssssssss. If you tuned in to “90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days” then you’re well versed in Yolanda, who was catfished by a man who was seemingly a Nigerian scammer and using stock photos to fool the 52-year-old into a relationship. Later when she expressed her children’s concerns that she was being scammed, the shyster tried to extort Yolanda and threatened to release her private photos.

Yolanda didn’t fall for the trick and has since moved on, but some fans are raising their eyebrows about her new bae.

Yolanda has been proudly posting her new boo Josh Seiter, a 33-year-old former The Bachelorette contestant. Seiter was on season 11 of the ABC show and was eliminated within the first week. An admitted exotic dancer and law school student, Seiter, unfortunately, didn’t connect with the co-bachelorettes Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson.

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Soooo happy!!! More pics from my ❤️! 💋💋

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Seiter has also been posting Yolanda on his social media channels and most recently told The Sun that they went from meeting on the Las Vegas strip to becoming an official couple within five days.

“I was on the strip and I saw her. There was this energy. I was very attracted to her. I saw her and I felt drawn to her, it was weird,” said Seiter.

[…] “Later that day, I went to add and message and that’s when I realized she was on 90 Day Fiance,” he added. “I saw the show before, but in my head it didn’t click at the time.”

[…]I know a lot of people would be like, ‘How in one week?’ but when it’s right, it’s right. When you’re this into someone it becomes irrelevant. It just happened organically.”


Mmmm hmmm, we see.

The couple has also already discussed plans for Seiter, who lives in Chicago, to move to Vegas to be with Yolanda. Not only that, both Josh and Yolanda shared pics of an engagement ring that the Seiter bought for his 90-Day bae.

“Flight to Vegas booked,” Seiter captioned the pic.


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Several people in the couple’s comments are claiming that the relationship is fictitious but the two are adamant that they’re REALLY in love. Yolanda’s man even said he was “portraying a character” on The Bachelorette.

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PERIODT!!! Thank You Babe!! ❤️

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Yessssssssss!!!! Baby ❤️❤️❤️❤️!!

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Sure thing!

Yolanda also told fans that she knows her man’s a former “gigolo” as they’ve continuously told her.

Something in the water ain’t clean—but that’s none of our business.

What do YOU think about Yolanda Leak’s engagement to Josh Seiter???



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