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Ted Cruz is an empty suit. We all know this. But even an empty suit should honor his wife enough not to kiss the burnt sienna a$$ of a man who called her straight up “ugly” back in 2016. What’s crazy is that he didn’t even delete the tweets. After Trump caught wind of an attack ad that used a photo of Melania posing nude in a photo shoot he hit “send” on the following:


“Spill the beans”. Donald Trump, 53% of white women’s president, was ready to out Heidi Cruz over his political ambition. Yet, these white, suburban, so-called “feminists” voted for him anyway but we digress.

At the time, Cruz had to act like he had balls so he responded spicy in 140-characters or less.

Then Trump dropped the hammer…

We present that bit of petty history to you so that when you watch the video below of CNN’s Chris Cuomo interviewing Ted Cruz last night you’ll know exactly how hard to laugh and how much second-hand embarrassment you should have.

Cuomo and Cruz’s big blow-out on air went down after Chris asked Ted why he didn’t confront President Cheetoh over his controversial remarks about the Proud Boys, which is an alt-right group, on Tuesday’s ghetto a$$ debate.

From there, the two took some hefty shots at one another with Cruz blaming Chris’s brother Andrew Cuomo for the way he handled COVID-19 in New York and Chris….. dragging Cruz to hell. Watch the spat below.

Fellas, can you imagine ever licking the Timbs of a man who said your wife is a boogawolf? Seriously, how long do you think you could stay married if you were seen getting chummy with the a$$hole who dissed her like that?



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