Jesus Take The Wheel: 3-Year-Old Brooklyn Girl Dies After Climbing Out Window

- By Bossip Staff

Three-year-old Kyrah Martin was found dead in the snow outside her apartment building during the early hours of Christmas Eve. Continue

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  • Gimmeabreak78

    Take your rest, sweet baby. May God comfort the hearts of her family.

  • drenk

    where the F were the parents!?!?!?

  • Sylmarvelous

    Dang, maybe people should get up to check on their kids-no matter how old they are?!…Forget it being close to Christmas-it’s sad that it happened anyway!

  • Ohio_888

    RIP baby girl

  • canli

    so sad just RIP it Kyrah.

  • Leah

    maybe she wanted to go play in the snow so sad

  • Angee

    How Sad! RIP Sweet Baby!!

  • smells fishy to me...

    Yes, I’m a cynic…

    But I think for a 3 year old to lift a window on a snowy day…WTF ever!
    Think about the height of the actual window sill in relation to the height of the child…
    Would there not be a noticeably cold draft in a warm room if the window was opened? Cold enough to wake at least one of the others?

    Accident my A.s. S!

  • Trouble

    I think there is more to this story.

    *Picture it*

    Police knock on door. (Suspect) Mom opens door.
    “Ma’am we think we have the body of your child”

    Mom runs to bedroom-rips back covers, and begins counting.


    Oh no!

  • St. Nick

    Lets not jump to a conclusion about the mom without knowing all the possibilities. For one…no,the height of a window sill in relation to a toddler is quite hard to climb out. But if there was a bed up against the wall that the window is on…would actually lie along the window seal or just slightly above it. And the windows could very well be the type with the two vertical glass planes, each with a handle or knob that pushes outward to open…those type windows do not have screens, are easier to open, and make less noise. Not to say that there’s no one at fault…just saying that it IS possible for a toddler to climb out of a window on their on. I’m sure this was an accident,and I hope the mom try to childd safety proof the the areas and things in her home to ensure the safety of her other children. RIP KYRAH

  • BapBarbie

    This could’ve been prevented!! It’s so sad!!

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  • iroclocs718

    that’s sooooo sad; and just a pretty lil girl. i just don’t see how this could happen. may god bless her family.

  • Candy Cane

    why does everyone blame the mother? First off accidents do happen. Many kids die every year from accidents, but whenever it’s black children for some reason the “MOTHER” is always at fault to blame.

    Helloooo and even so, it does take two to make a child and where was her father? But besides that, the woman put ALL the kids to bed and was in other room. This situation is more POSSIBLE than it is unpossible. …. Realistically speaking.

  • Candy Cane

    I agree the little girl was pretty, but why do people say that? As if she was ugly it would make her being dead, a little easier to deal with.

    smh in wonder.

    …such an insensitive statement in my opinion.

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