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Jaime Harrison

Source: Rafael Suanes/MCT / Getty

During a South Carolina Senate Debate, Lindsey Graham got absolutely gutted from behind plexiglass by a Democratic standout. Jaime Harrison protected himself from Trump’s fellow COVIDidiot conspirator via a thick plexiglass partition.

Moreover, after rightfully protecting himself from lie-filled possible pandemic particles, the politician challenging the three-term GOP incumbent succinctly shut Lindsey Graham down.

According to Jaime, lil Lindsey needs to learn to be a man of his word instead of a flip-flopper who told South Carolinians that he would not move forward on a Supreme Court nomination in the final year of Deranged Dorito’s term but is doing so now.

“Senator, how good is your word when you made a promise to the American people—even more, you made a promise to the folks in South Carolina—that you wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing right now?” Harrison said. “And that’s the problem that I have, the greatest heresy that you could do as a public servant is to betray the trust of the people that you took an oath to serve.”

“I think the greatest heresy that you can do as a public servant is to betray the trust of the people that you took an oath to serve. And that’s what you’ve done,” Harrison added. “Just be a man of it and stand up and say, ‘You know what, I changed my mind. I’m going to do something else.’ But don’t go back and blame it on somebody else for a flip flop that you’re making yourself.”


During the debate, the Deplorable Devotee also played the victim and wondered how Jaime Harrison fundraised so much money. Politico reports that Jaime Harrison has “historically strong fundraising” and his total TV ad spending has already reached $40 million. According to lil Lindsey, it’s because the liberals “hate his guts.”

“Where the hell is all this money coming from…?” Graham said according to Politico. “They hate me. This is not about Mr. Harrison. This is about liberals hating my guts because I stood up for [now-Supreme Court Justice Brett] Kavanaugh when they tried to destroy his life. This is about me helping Donald Trump.”

Boo. Hoo.


If you’re curious about how the surly sycophant feels about having to pick his face up off the floor, he released a video saying that Jaime Harrison’s “radical agenda” will “transform the country into something you won’t recognize.”

One can only pray.

Goofball behavior, but it’s to be expected.




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