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Midsection Of Prisoner Standing Behind Bars

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A woman from West Virginia, who murdered her boyfriend alongside her biological father (then went on to marry her father) last year has been sentenced to 40 years in prison after pleading guilty.

According to reports from People, the sentencing came down last Thursday after a judge doled out a punishment to 31-year-old Amanda Michelle Naylor McClure for her role in the February 2019 murder of John Thomas McGuire. It was reported that McClure had been dating McGuire in Minnesota prior to the latter’s death.

Back in July, McClure filed her guilty plea for second-degree murder. A month earlier, her father/husband, 55-year-old Larry McClure Sr., had been sentenced to life without mercy for the same crime. Larry–who is from Kentuck–had been living in West Virginia since a previous release from prison that was attributed to sex offense charges.

On September 24, 2019, McGuire’s dismembered body was found in a shallow grave in Skygusty, West Virginia.

While Larry is her biological father, Amanda and Larry were estranged, as she was raised by adopted parents. The two ended up in an incestuous relationship, which culminated in a marriage that took place about a month after they killed McGuire together. In a hearing that took place last week, McClure said that McGuire was murdered because her dad “didn’t want anyone else near me.”

The couple killed McGuire’s shortly after he revealed to Larry that he loved Amanda and wanted to get married.

According to reports, after that confession was made, Larry paired up with Amanda’s sister, Anna, and drove to pick up both Amanda and McGuire in Indiana. The group then made their way to Skygusty, where they lived together for a week-and-a-half. On Valentine’s Day, Larry reportedly hit McGuire in the head with a bottle of wine. The victim was then tied up, had liquid methamphetamine injected into him, and was strangled with a garbage bag. In previous testimony, Larry admitted McGuire was tortured for two days prior to his death.

McGuire was buried, though they dug him up less than a week later for the purpose of dismembering his body. He was then buried again.

Anna is also facing first-degree murder charges due to her alleged participation in the extremely macabre chain of events. She is currently awaiting trial.


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