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Last night was the first and only Vice Presidential debate between Senator Kamala Harris and 53% of white women’s Vice President Mike Pence. Suffice to say it was much more civil than the flaming bag of feces that we witnessed in the Presidential election but that doesn’t mean that the bulls#!t wasn’t afoot.

When asked about systemic racism in American, Pence began rattling off some butt-nugget nonsense about how no such thing exists and as SOON as the lies left his lips, a fly landed right on his cocaine-white head of hair. The timing was as impeccable as it was telling. Nothing in this world that a fly loves more than a fresh pile of s#!t. There are Oscar-award-winning directors who couldn’t have set this scene up any better. Peep the video below.


You see it? As SOON as he said, “It’s a great insult” the winged crusader appeared as if Commissioner Gordon had just lit the fly signal and it was time to fight crime. In this case, the crime was the white lies that Lice President Pence was telling the American people. The jokes were swift and unyielding.

The craziest part of it all is that normally when a fly lands on someone, even the slightest movement will scare it off as it likely perceives danger. In this case, the fly was SO comfortable sitting atop a pile of Pence’s bulls#!t that it sat there for OVER TWO WHOLE A$$ MINUTES.


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