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Everyone’s still buzzing over the viral Vice Presidential Debate between pink-eyed robot Mike Pence and delightfully spicy future VP Kamala Harris that gave us a hilarious new wave of GIFs and memes currently dominating feeds across social media.

At this point, we can all agree that the FLY (who posted up on Pence’s head for TWO WHOLE MINUTES) was the co-winner of a debate where we saw Kamala dominate the current administration’s #2 in every critical category.

There was also something reassuring about Kamala nailing Trump on his disastrous COVID response, plans to strip Americans with pre-existing conditions of their healthcare, and his sinister plot to rush a hyper-conservative judge into RBG’s seat on the Supreme Court before the election.

Overall, it was an impressive performance for Kamala who battled Pence AND the moderator to put points on the board with 26 days until the 2020 Election.

“The needle Kamala threaded tonight as a Black woman needs to be acknowledged,” said “Insecure” star Natasha Rothwell on Kamala’s performance.

“How we’re perceived is based on a shortlist of ‘permissible’ behavior. She was strong, uncompromising, and authentic without falling for bait meant to cast her as an ‘angry black woman.’ I’m in awe.”

CNN’s Van Jones had similar sentiments and called Pence the “Mansplainer-In-Chief.”

But back to the now-infamous fly that landed on Pence’s head AND STAYED THERE for two minutes in a CLASSIC political debate moment that pretty much summed up Trump’s stinky Presidency.

Have you been enjoying the new Kamala GIFs/fly memes? Tell us in the comments and peep MORE hilarious tweets from the unforgettable VP debate.

“I believe this to be an award winning gif, thank you all for coming.” – definitely the winner

“That fly was just vibin up there” – VIBIN

“So lemme get this straight…wait….I’M THE ROOKIE?!” – yassssss

“same energy” – EXACT SAME

“Flies across the country watching the #VPDebate” – haaaaa

“they just thawed him out this morning” – *cackles*

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“Shall I proceed…YES INDEED!!!” – we stan

“Same energy” – Kamala is so delightfully shady

“The fly pleading her case” – case closed

“These all mean the same thing but with different tones.” – facts

“the fly entering the debate hall” – so classy

This is how I look at the hidden cameras in my house” – so relatable

“the snl writer’s room when the fly landed on pence’s head” – exactly what happened

“Had to” – the LEGEND himself



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