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In a shock to absolutely no one, Offset attempted to slither his way back into Cardi’s heart by celebrating her with a billboard, copping her a $300K Rolls Royce, and showering her with diamonds in an impressive ‘pleee baby pleee’ campaign that actually seemed to work.

Whether this actually changed Cardi’s divorce plans or not, we’re not sure…yet, but she seemed pretty happy to have her estranged husband around for a star-studded birthday weekend in Vegas that involved copious amounts of liquor, wild twerk sessions at the crack of dawn and all our famous faves.

This comes just days after Offset appeared to have slipped deeper into sadness amidst the looming divorce that fueled a string of ‘unbothered’ posts on his tear-scented Instagram page.

At some point, he FINALLY disabled comments that were flooded with all sorts of MESS fueled by him acting like he didn’t care. Last week Cardi took to Instagram Live to shut down rumors about their divorce:

“People were just flooding me with … ‘Oh, Offset got a girl pregnant.’ And this is where the s—t came from. Ain’t that about a bitch,” she said during the live. “That is why I be telling y’all to stop believing … what people be saying, these blogs are saying, especially blogs that have a certain type of hatred toward me.”

According to court documents, Cardi claims the marriage is “irretrievably broken” with “no prospects for a reconciliation.”

She’s seeking primary physical custody as well as legal custody of their 2-year-old daughter, Kulture. She also wants Offset to pay child support and her legal expenses (if this actually happens which, at this point, seems unlikely).

How do you feel about Offset’s very expensive campaign to win Cardi back? Do you think the divorce is still on? Tell us in the comments and peep the Twitter chitter-chatter over his latest grand gestures on the flip.

“Offset bought Cardi B a Rolls Royce truck. He’s so sad and desperate. The ink on those papers will be dry on Nov 2nd. He better work fast!” – oh Offset, you sly devil, you

“Cardi showing off more gifts that Offset bought her for her birthday…SOLID diamond bracelets….not baguettes these are SOLIDS!!! RICH N!GGA GROWN N!GGA SH!T!!!!!!” – wowwwwwww

“Its the “thank you sir” for me after Offset surprises Cardi B with a billboard for her birthday?” – this is when she was still resisting

“It’s crazy cause a woman will do all this and still not take u back lmao” – FACTS

“LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO you see cardi this why n*ggas don’t take us serious now” – Cardi had to know we would end up here

“Offset willing to do everything to get Cardi back except stop cheating” – hate to see it

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“the divorce papers on the table looking at cardi and offset” – of they still even exist

“Me the next time I hear Cardi B is leaving Offset” – enough is enough

“Don’t let Offset’s IG story fool ya, Cardi is sticking to that divorce on account of this Newport she blowin down” – hmmm we’ll see

“Offset using Kulture to sneak into Cardi’s house and get her back” – you know what

“Cardi must’ve walked over to Offset and whispered in his ear “I won” cause homeboy mad as sh*t” – uh ohhhh


Offset trying to get Cardi back:” – haaaaaaa

“Just a friendly reminder that Cardi B can’t drive none of them cars Offset keep buying her” – nope, not one

“they were yelling “take offset back” @ cardi’s party b/c he bought her a rolls royce truck – i would’ve kicked everybody out lol.” – understandable


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