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Black Ink Crew Chicago

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Black Ink Crew Chicago star Ryan Henry has been put on detailed blast by his best friend since high school and he’s actually responded to the allegations nonchalantly — despite how crazy they sound. Anthony Lindsey, who claims to have been best friends with Henry since they were teens, alleges he found out his famous friend had been sleeping with the mother of his son secretly, finding out through text messages.

Lindsey initially blasted the 9MAG shop owner on his Instagram stories last week and got no public response from his friend. Now, Lindsey reveals the alleged discovery felt so overbearing, it landed him in the hospital after he “overdosed.”

“Do I want to kill myself no, the pain and me being distraught led me down a path I had never faced. Being that yesterday was mental health day I decided to share this.”

It’s unclear whether or not the BFF is still in a relationship with the mother of his child, but in a lengthy post, Anthony Lindsey explains that after allegedly finding out what Ryan and Nina, the mother of his son, were doing, he immediately told the mother of Ryan’s kids, Rachel. In response to him telling Rachel, both Ryan and Nina “blocked” him he said. The father then revealed he “overdosed”, leaving out details on how he got to that point.

You can also swipe through and read the alleged text messages between Ryan and Nina.

Ryan’s best friend claims the affair went down last year, the same year he battled with some form of cancer. In an old post from Ryan, he indicated Anthony thankfully has beaten the disease.

So far, Anthony Lindsey hasn’t deleted any photos of Ryan or Nina off his page.

Shocking right? Ryan has seemingly responded to the allegations in his own way. Hit the flip to see what he has to say to Lindsey in his low moment.

Ryan seems to be out in Vegas at the moment, living it up with some of his colleagues. In an IG story post seemingly responding to allegations that he has slept with Nina behind Anthony’s back he wrote:

“that b**ch can F*ck me and bruh and we would never ever have an issue.”

What do YOU think of this situation?

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