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UPDATED: 8:54 A.M. ET, October 15, 2020 —

Soooo many things happened in Episode 9 of Lovecraft Country –all kinds of stressful, heart-wrenching and powerful things–but it was Ruby choosing Christina/William over saving Atticus–the father of her sister’s baby–in a genuinely befuddling moment that sparked hilarious chaos across Lovecraft Twitter.

Why Ruby is A) so comfortable trusting an evil, undead, shape-shifting sorceress with diabolical intentions and B) hooked on a magic potion that transforms her into a questionably attractive white woman despite rejecting whiteness and racism, we STILL don’t know, but it’s upsetting us and our homegirls along with the whole entire internet.

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For most of the season, we’ve been left guessing with several unanswered questions until recently where everything started coming together for this week’s finale which will air on October 18th.

With Dee fighting for her life after being shanked by Topsy & Bopsy, Leti joins Atticus and Montrose on a journey through the multiverse courtesy of Queen Motherboard Hippolyta who finally returned from her ascension beyond space and time.

Using the devices implanted in her wrists, Hippolyta opens a portal to Tulsa 1921, the last location of the book before it was incinerated in a massacre committed by white supremacists against the city’s African Americans.

It’s in these series of deeply layered, nuanced and brilliantly written scenes where Atticus learns the source of Montrose’s lifelong torment, Leti convincing ‘Tic’s mother’s mother to give her the book and Hippolyta leveling up yet again as the most powerful character on the show.

Now, with only 1 episode left, we’re wondering what happens with ‘Tic whose fate appears to be sealed and directly tied to Christina who continues to slither closer to her goal of achieving immortality with Ruby on her side.

How do you feel about Ruby’s choice? Do you think Christina will betray her? Tell us in the comments and peep the hilariously petty reactions to her picking Christina/William over Atticus on the flip.



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