Diddy Launches Political Party Aimed At Protecting The Black Agenda

Take That: Diddy Launches ‘Our Black Party’ To Push Black Political Agenda, Says If Trump Wins He Believes There Will Be A Race War

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Are you ready for the revolution? Diddy believes he is and is launching a political party aimed at protecting the interests of the black community.

Sean "P. Diddy" Combs Visits Fleet Center Campaigning for "Citizen Change"

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In an interview with Charlamagne Tha God Thursday, October 15th, Diddy addressed his previous suggestion that black people hold their votes hostage. He also spoke candidly about the hatred and divisiveness that he believes Trump has sown during his Presidency, revealing that he believes white men like Donald Trump should be banished. Diddy also spoke to the need to vote Trump out of office this election, noting he believes if Trump is re-elected there will be a race war.

Charlamagne asked Diddy directly if he still believed that blacks should hold their votes hostage. Diddy’s reply was,

“It would be irresponsible of me to have us hold our vote hostage but it would also be irresponsible for me to let this moment go by, while the world is watching and not do everything I can to make sure going forth we’re a part of the narrative.”

Do you think Diddy’s previous comments about holding the Black vote hostage will cause the Democratic party to dig deeper when it comes to looking out for BIPOC groups?

We were also glad to see Diddy speak plainly about how dangerous Trump and his followers are when it comes to Black lives. Diddy was straight to the point — White men like Trump need to be banished. Sadly, this isn’t really a country where banishments happen. If laws are broken people are jailed and non-citizens can be deported, but in this case where can we banish Trump and white supremacists?

We also really liked that Diddy hasn’t forgotten his roots. He spoke candidly about his wealth, saying he hasn’t forgotten where he’s come from, the smell of pissy hallways or taste of government cheese sandwiches. He added that he would not seek to protect his wealth by supporting Trump — if anything he’s grateful to have the money so he can use it to launch a Black political party. He also spoke about the community of wealthy Black people that includes himself, Jay Z, Oprah and Lebron James, noting that it’s simply “an illusion of inclusion.”

They try to keep their foot on all our necks. At any level. It’s time for us to come together.

We love that he said he’s with the smoke at any time no matter where his address is at!

The full interview is below:


What resonated to you most about Diddy’s message?


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