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Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

Source: Netflix / Netflix

Our beloved Chadwick Boseman will return to our screens for the final time in a new role alongside Viola Davis in Netflix’s new musical flick Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. The trailer looks thrilling and we have no doubt whatsoever that Chadwick and Viola will jump off the screen with epic performances. That said, it’s going to be sad as hell to watch King Boseman do his thing for the last time.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom is directed by George Wolfe and is produced by Denzel Washington. BOSSIP recently got a chance to participate in a press junket for the film where both Wolfe and Davis spoke about their approach and inspiration in making this dynamic film.

Said Wolfe:

“There is a tendency with plays to break the fourth wall. I wanted to keep a sense that this was private. Who is someone in private. I really wanted to capture Ma Rainey in private as much as I could. When Denzel and I were talking we talked about Viola and we talked about Chadwick and we were fortunate to get him.

Chadwick put his entire being into Levee. It’s a phenomenal character and he put his entire heart and being into it. Working on this film it was a joy to work with everyone.”

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom Production Stills

Source: Courtesy Netflix / Netflix

Viola Davis also gave a glowing recollection of her time with Chadwick working on this film and you can tell that she was moved by his performance as much as his humanity:

Not to compete with Chadwick’s mother but Chadwick is my baby. It was my second time working with him because I played his mom in Get On Up. Chadwick was an artist, that’s just what he was. He loved it. He demanded it. It was almost like it was a silent agreement. For someone so young it was incredible to watch. Not mistaking your presence for the event. I remember when he was doing one of his monumental scenes. He would rest on the stairs and he would go, “Yeah, yeah, and gesture and it was just as ferocious and just as intense and flawlessly involved in making the adjustment.

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, Viola Davis, Chadwick Boseman, Netflix

Source: Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix

She also talked about the padded suit that she had to wear to more accurately portray Ma Rainey in her true physical form:

I was going for the body structure of my Aunt Joyce. She was of a certain size but she was beautiful. She had a mouthful of gold teeth. I had sweat put on me. If they say a character is a certain way that’s who they are. When they put the padding on I felt very free and cute. I liked swinging my hip a certain way.

Press play down below and get into this cinematic goodness.




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