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All skin folk ain’t kinfolk.

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Donald Trump‘s re-election campaign is going terribly. He has little to no discernible policy agenda. His debate performance was one of the hottest messes in political history. He’s responsible for hundreds of thousands of needless deaths due to the ongoing pandemic. The economy is in the s#!tter because of his ineptitude of leadership. Beyond that, he’s really bad at everything except lying and cheating and perhaps after he’s out of office a New York State Attorney General will prove us wrong on that count.

But despite all that, 53% of white women’s president still has the love and support of MAGA faithful which not only include the majority of KKKarens and their husbands, but also a smattering of conservative Latinx folks and sunken Black men who see themselves as kkkindred spirits to ol’ Donnie-boy, they want to appear rich, powerful, and regularly fantasize about wielding unchecked power to use against their foes, women, and anyone who doesn’t lick their boots. It’s very embarrassing to say the least.

Today, one of those patriarchy-upholding Black men, Jason Whitlock, sat down with his zaddy in an effort to convince other brothas and sistas to hop aboard the furry, bushy-tailed, black-and-white train on November 3rd. We’re pretty sure that Whitlock would have never landed this interview if he wasn’t working for a deplorably conservative media outlet called Outkick but desperate times call for desperate measures when you’re losing an election.

Here’s what Whitlock told Tucker Carlson about the interview last night prior to it’s release via IndyStar:

“I think there is some clear momentum for President Trump, particularly with Black men,” he told Carlson. “I think we’ve been carrying on a façade for three and a half years as Black men that somehow we can’t relate to Donald Trump, that we didn’t celebrate him in hip hop music for decades, that he wasn’t friends with countless Black athletes, celebrities, entertainers.”

That’s just the tip of the f***ery iceberg. Press play down below to enter the depths of the sunken place that the Titanic couldn’t even reach.



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