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When we talk about “getting free”, we mean everybody. All marginalized groups.

Four Young Native American Navajo Brothers and Sisters Riding their Horses Bareback in the Northern Arizona Monument Valley Tribal Park At Dusk Together

Source: grandriver / Getty

Much like Donald Trump and his deplorable White House staff, America is undergoing a transition. People who have been consistently pushed to the edges of society and either forgotten about or purposefully ignored will not be silent about it. The Navajo Nation turned out in droves to cast ballots that almost 100% rejected a Trump re-election. Native people account for 6% of the population in Arizona according to US News and according to Navajo Times, Apache, Navajo, and Coconino counties delivered 73,954 votes to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and just 2,010 for Trump. That 97% turnout rate is tremendous when you consider that Friday morning, Trump’s lead was just shy of 41,000 votes.

Arizona has only gone blue for a presidential candidate TWICE in SEVENTY YEARS. Let that sink in.

Then absorb stories like that of 30-year-old Allie Young who organized a voter event called “Ride To The Polls”. A Washington Post report details who she inspired native peoples to hop on their horses and make the 2-hour ride to the polls in Kayenta, Arizona so that the American government that has done them so dirty over the years will hear their voices.

Before saddling up, Young’s mother carefully tied a traditional Diné sash around her waist and outfitted her in customary beaded jewelry.

“I am doing this to honor our ancestors who fought for our right to vote, so I wanted to wear traditional clothes,” Young said.

Native Americans Register To Vote

Source: Bettmann / Getty

Did you know that Native people didn’t have full voting rights in every state until 1962? During the 2018 midterm elections, many were told that their tribal ID cards were not valid to receive ballots. Voter suppression at its ugliest but the proud people of the Nation didn’t let it deter them. Oh, by the way, November is National Native American Month. Between this and the spirit of John McCain, Arizona was NOT here for Donald’s bulls#!t.

Considering how close the state of Arizona was this year, you best believe that Natives understand the power they hold to determine elections and now Republicans know it too.

Thank you to all the Native folks who did their civic duty to help save America from itself.




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