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Several parts of Vlad TV’s recent interview with Tiny Harris have been released in piecemeal, and in the latest installment Harris ends up revealing her deeply personal experience with delivering a stillborn baby after having her first child with rapper T.I.

In 2007, Tiny became pregnant with a girl she named Leyah Amore after having her son King with T.I. but at 6 months things went wrong in the pregnancy, causing her to lose the baby. In the interview with Vlad, Tiny began to count the children she has with T.I., almost a humorous moment until she starts to talk about the trauma she experienced losing Leyah.

“It was probably like my saddest moment in my life, when I was at my darkest time,” she said. “I’m always pretty upbeat. I don’t really have a lot of times where I’m like down or feeling depressed or whatever. I don’t really have those moments that much, thank God. I’ve had it here and there, but that was the most I’ve ever been like out of it for weeks and weeks and weeks at a time.”

Visibly shaken up, Tiny continued.

“I was just like, the thought of having a baby but not going home with a baby, that just traumatized me.”


In an interview with Essence back in 2009, Tiny went into full detail about the tragic experience. Doctors had informed the former Xscape singer that at 16 weeks into her pregnancy the sac holding the unborn child had split into two and chances of it combining back together seemed slim. Doctors informed Tiny at the time that there was a high “possibility that [the baby] could get tied up in her umbilical cord,” but she remained hopeful. When she returned to the specialist the following day, the busy mom was confronted with terrible news.

“When I went to see the specialist, that’s when they determined there was no heartbeat,” explained Tiny at the time. She had to deliver her stillborn daughter six months into her pregnancy.

Tiny shared later in the interview that her family surrounded her in the emergency room the entire day while she struggled to cope with the loss of little Leyah.

“After Leyah was born, I kept her in the room with me the whole day. They placed her in the little basket and we dressed her in an outfit and had a blanket wrapped around her. They came and got her because her body went cold and I wanted her back so they warmed her body again and I kept her. Everybody came to visit her and then me and [T.I.] had our time alone with her.”

Tiny and T.I. would welcome their son Major a year later and jumped the broom together in 2010. Their daughter Heiress was born in 2016.

This is so heartbreaking. Prayers go out to Tiny.


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