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There’s just something about an HBCU band–and there’s definitely something about The Sonic Boom of the South.

Behind The Battle

Source: One X / Hello Beautiful


Jackson State University’s heralded marching band is featured in Behind The Battle—a 10-part series from OneX, in collaboration with Facebook Watch. In this series you’ll go “behind the boom” and meet the high-energy high-stepping members of The Sonic Boom Of The South who entrance crowds and carry on the organization’s legacy. You’ll also meet the faculty members who protect that legacy and run a tight ship to ensure this band program maintains its status as one of the best and baddest in the land.

On episode one of Behind The Battle the Sonic Boom break down their signature marching style; the swing and sawy. 

“The rocking movement that you see us do is called the swing and sag that helps distinguish us from any other band. And if you see us from the far, you’ll see the plumes, which are the white things on top of our head. You’ll see them moving in a swaying motion. When you see that it’ll let you know that the whole band in on one accord,” says a band member.

The “swing and sway” helps the Sonic Boom’s music sound “extra groovy.”

The band also gets “extra groovy” with help from the drum cadences of the drumline and the energy of the crowd. Did you know that some people attend HBCU football games SOLELY to see the band?


“Yeah, there’s other great bands out here and give credit where due, but marching in with the Sonic Boom Of The South, I don’t think there’s no other feeling,” says a Sonic Boom band member.

“Let’s shock’em again, let’s do it again!” adds another.



Go Behind The Battle below.




New episodes of “Behind The Boom” are released every Tuesday and Thursday on Facebook Watch at




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