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Moniece Slaughter is worried for her long time friend and former Love and Hip Hop Hollyweird co-star Brandi Boyd after the wife shared an alarming live stream audio of her being abused by her husband, producer Max Lux. The chilling video went viral with Brandi claiming to never let Max put his hands on her “again” as their baby cried in the background. Lux threatened his wife, “I’m About To F–k You Up B—h”, as thousands of people listened on.

A day later Brandi updated fans, ensuring everyone she was ok and not physically harmed by her husband, but Moniece says this has been a pattern for years. 36-year-old Brandi has been physically abused by her now-husband since they were teenagers according to Moniece and she fears their relationship might end with Brandi in a casket.

Moniece left the bold comment under a video clip of Brandi thanking everyone for their concern after the scary live stream went up.

You can’t help somebody who doesn’t want to be helped. They’ve been like this since we were teenagers. It’s unfortunate but she not leavin til he put her in a casket.

This is a bold statement from Moniece, but fans think the actress is being honest in her assessment of Brandi and Max’s tumultuous relationship. On the video updating fans about her wellness, Brandi claims she’s doing fine but dealing with the emotional trauma from her fight with Max.

“There is no reason I have not went live other than the fact that I’ve been praying and meditating and trying to get a hold on everything inside. I have no bruises, no marks on my neck or body. I’m ok.”

Brandi says she’s not making excuses, but her focus was to show people she didn’t have any physical marks from her fight and asked everyone to continue praying for her family.



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