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Stop playing games with coronavirus before you die or kill someone else.

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S#!t is real out here. Yesterday, it was announced that 3,124 Americans died from COVID-19 marking the most daily deaths of this pandemic era. Again, s#!t is real. Here’s another example of how real it is. Former Alabama state senator Larry Dixon died last Friday from COVID complications. According to CBS News, while laying on his deathbed, Dixon spoke to his wife of 53 years for the very last time. Do you know what he told her? This:

“Sweetheart, we messed up. We just dropped our guard.”

You see, Larry had reportedly been very conscientious of COVID-19 and had been obeying all associated protocols like mask-wearing and social distancing. However, Larry slipped up one time. He had recently met with friends to smoke cigars at a local restaurant. Three of those friends became ill following that fellowship.

“The last thing he told her was, ‘Gaynell, I love you. We’ve got to tell people this is real,” Thrasher said.

Moments later Larry was dead. Dr. David Thrasher, a friend of Dixon’s and a pulmonologist, was given permission by the wife Gaynell Dixon, to share this story in hopes that it will serve as a cold wake-up call to those who are still out playing games with this potentially deadly disease. Don’t let Donald Trump, those a$$-kissing Republicans, bootlicking MAGAs, or anyone else tell you that this isn’t real.

As a vaccine comes closer to becoming a reality, medical officials say there’s still a long road ahead before it will be widely available to everyone. Thrasher cautioned folks to adhere to strict social distancing guidelines and mask-wearing protocols because according to him, the next four months will be catastrophic if we don’t get our act together.

“I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I can also see the locomotive coming at me,” he explained. “The next four months are going to see more devastation and catastrophic problems with public health than we’ve seen probably since 1918. It is going to be very, very bad.”

So please please, before you even think about having a big Christmas party gathering with family, reconsider. It could save you and your family’s life.



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