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The domestic issues between Brandi and Max Boyd aka Max Lux spilled onto the internet earlier this week and now Max is speaking in defense of himself. After being heard on video making disparaging comments and threats to his wife during a fight, Max is now trying to soothe concerned fans by putting blame on BOTH parties.

The father posted the following video, denying he physically abused Brandi Boyd and acknowledges the verbal abuse on “both” sides of their marriage.

“I’m sure everyone heard the unfortunate incident in my family this week and I won’t try to use trick words of lingo to explain a bad situation.

Verbal abuse has been on both sides of my relationship and it is wrong, but I did not beat my wife, I did not beat my children. My children are all healthy and happy and spoiled because I do not even discipline my children. And anybody who knows me, know that. I’m not about that.”


Max assured fans he didn’t abuse his kids, but at least one of his children was present when he and his wife fought. In the viral audio clip of their situation, the couple’s toddler daughter Cadence could be heard scream-crying in the background as Max appears to threaten her mother while he sounds breathless, “say yeah I got it if you got it b*tch.”

Brandi then yelled back, “last time y’all see him beating on me. Never again will you see your father beat up on me.”

Boyd’s longtime friend Moniece Slaughter even stepped in with a few words regarding Brandi’s tumultuous relationship with her husband. The Love & Hip Hop star revealed this week that Lux had been allegedly abusing Boyd since they were teenagers. Slaughter even commented about their troubling relationship under Brandi’s Instagram post thanking fans for their support.

“You can’t help somebody who doesn’t want to be helped. They’ve been like this since we were teenagers. It’s unfortunate but she not leaving til he put her in a casket,” she commented.

After the dust settled, Brandi herself made a statement, denying she was physically assaulted. She asked friends and fans for prayers for their family. In her latest post, the mother showed a clip of their children eating pizza without addressing comments about her altercation with Max. However, some fans still expressed their concerns for Brandi and her children. One user even commented:

“.. After hearing Cadance screaming in that audio, this is good to see. I don’t know you from a can of paint nor what’s going on in your personal life. It has been many moons ago, but I was once married and he was abusive to me across the board. I left eight times before I said NO MORE. Abuse of any kind robs one of their soul, integrity, self-love, dignity, and respect. My daughter became my priority period because I didn’t have enough willingness and strength to do it for myself. That exit was the best, I mean the best thing that I have ever done. My life changed immensely. God loves you and has better plans for your life. Your babies deserve peace and harmony in their home and hearts. Just sharing some love and light from NC.”

Are you surprised by Max’s response? What do YOU think Brandi should do next following her crazy altercation with her husband?


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