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Offset reveals he won’t be taking the COVID-19 vaccine because he “doesn’t trust” it.

Offset FaZe Clan

Source: Matt Basta / DKC Esports

One of the biggest headaches of 2020 has been the rapid sharing of fake news. People at home with nothing to do but create fake stories, or leave out key factors in different headlines without telling the whole truth.

A great example of this is Trump and his claim that the election was stolen. It wasn’t–but that fact doesn’t stop people from creating any kind of narrative to push their agenda. Now, with the COVID-19 vaccine rolling out, there is a ton of misinformation circulating, with one in particular featuring 3 people with facial side-effects that urges people to not take the vaccine. What the post is leaving out is that this was only 3 of over 50,000 people, and it wasn’t even linked to the vaccine.

Now, according to reports from TMZ, Offset has his mind made up that he isn’t going to take the vaccine.

The FDA DID acknowledge 4 Pfizer volunteers were struck with a bout of Bell’s Palsy — but the government agency notes there was no way to conclusively link the vaccine to the development of their temporary facial paralysis. Still, people got freaked out.

Same goes for Offset — who tells us that he simply doesn’t trust the government (for the most part) and that even Barack Obama being willing to get vaccinated on video isn’t enough to sway him. Offset then pivoted to a different train of thought.

Hopefully, Offset can be informed correctly and rethink his stance on the vaccine, because we’ve lost enough people this year who think COVID-19 is a joke.


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