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After quite the conundrum over an alleged comment, Mary Cosby is detailing a time she felt she was “in dangers.” 

Mary Cosby

Source: Chad Kirkland / Bravo

The sole black housewife on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is responding to an allegation that she made a racist comment about her own people. On a recent episode, Mary Cosby’s ex-friend/castmate Jen Shah alleged that the Pentecostal Pastor made an offensive comment off-camera during a trip to NYC and said; “If I go to a 7-11 and I see Black people, I go to a different 7-11.”

Mary vehemently denied saying that when Jen brought up the comment on the show.


Since then, the Internet’s went wild with memes and reactions from fans flabbergasted by the woman of God’s comments.

Mary has since said on social media that Jen “twisted her words” and it sounds like she thinks the comment shouldn’t have been brought up since she made it off-camera.

A poorly worded, run-on statement from Mary has surfaced and in it, she tells a fan that on a late-night convenience store run with Jenn she “felt it was dangers” and hints that Jenn added the “black people” part in as a lie.

“No I never said that to Jen, she lies you will see,” said Mary. “She adds on the she has no roll back tape, no text. Just [threw] me out there with that trash and yes Jen was lying!  I never said that to her I never been to her house in my life!  Except nyc…

“She wanted to be Something she has lost what her platform or her point in life is she showing the world lies. I said not to her but this was off camera not even a cast yet. It was late we we was together and in nyc there was a [convenience] store! I didn’t go in. First I didn’t need anything and I felt it was dangers! She takes that and says 7-11 there no Blk man in Utah so 7-11? The black man she just added that in there.”


Mary Cosby also added that she joined the show to tell her “grandmother’s story”, presumably the one about Mary taking over her grandma’s church and ultimately marrying her stepgrandfather to do so.

Mary also thanked the fan for kindly asking her about the 7-11 comment.

“I promise you if I can be truthful about who Mary is. I’m showing everybody why I don’t know. It just felt like my grandmother Story should deserves to be told! I would tell you honest. I did not say that. If you notice when someone makes a comment that Strong They will Roll the tape back of me telling her. They never once did!! Because it’s a lie. Please know better. You can feel me I’m being real!! Thank you for asking me! That was very kind. No jens trying to shoot at me. I wish she would go somewhere and leave me alone.  I really do. Lol!”

There’s lots to unpack here but surely Ms. Mary didn’t think that an off-camera comment would be off-limits on the show. This The Real Housewives, ma’am.

What do YOU think about Mary Cosby’s alleged 7/11 comments?




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