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Just 23 more days until this orange piece of s#!t is out of the White House.

White House Holds COVID-19 Vaccine Summit

Source: Tasos Katopodis / Getty

Donald Trump has signed off on the proposed COVID-19 stimulus package that will grant millions of Americans a measly-a$$ $600 to “help with the financial burden” of being out of work for damn near a whole year. We all know that $600 can’t really do s#!t for a single adult much less an adult who has to care for children or family members. Last week, the 55% of Hillary Baldwin’s president demanded the house and the Senate increase the amount of the checks to $2000 in what appears to be a late-game ploy to win some goodwill on his way out the door. Something he could have BEEN pushing for this whole time instead of cheating at golf down in Mar-a-lago.

Obviously, many Democratic politicians like Nancy Pelosi realize that $600 ain’t s#!t and want people to get more. However, there are things inside the bill that people desperately need in addition to the direct payments. Firebrand Congresswoman Katie Porter did her best to explain the bill in layman terms via an informative Twitter thread.

As far as the $2000 goes, the house will vote on the measure today and it is likely to be supported by almost all of the Democratic representatives according to CNBC. That said, there is nothing that indicates that “Moscow” Mitch McConnell will even take the measure up in the Senate as he and his band of f**kboys and f**kgirls weren’t even in favor of giving people a second round of $1200 checks like the ones distributed earlier this year.

Every adult who makes under $75,000 will receive $600 for themselves and an additional $600 per dependent child with a maximum of $2400. A married couple making up to $150,000 is also eligible for $600 per person.

Gee, thanks.



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