Yandy And Mendeecees Harris Talk About Her Activism

BOSSIP Exclusive: Yandy Says She Feared Her Activism Might Result In Retaliation Against Mendeecees While He Was In Prison

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The Harrises are happier than ever despite sheltering at home during these difficult times.

Ray J and Princess, Yandy and Mendeecees

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The couple are part of a four-part Vh1 series called “Love And Hip Hop: Secrets Unlocked” (airing tonight, Monday January 4th at 8pm/7pm CST) along with other popular cast members from the series including Ray J and Princess Love, Kirk and Rasheeda Frost and several others. Due to the current pandemic, the cast self films their reactions to unseen footage and special clips over the series’ history. We spoke with Yandy and and Mendeecees Harris ahead of their upcoming appearance to ask about filming remotely, being cooped up in the house with young children and how Yandy’s social justice work affected them both.

“Quarantine has been interesting to say the least,” Yandy told BOSSIP about the last nine months. “I have learned how my children are in school and I have to take my hat off to the teachers.”

“We had to spend so much time together that we started nagging each other over whose going to cook, whose going to clean, just whose duty to do things,” Mendeecees added. “In the beginning it was frustrating because we didn’t have everything structured and planned out but we worked it out. We just took the time to say we’re stuck in the house together, we just might as well make the best of it and it wasn’t even a problem anymore. we found a way to enjoy the time together until it felt like that was the way it was supposed to be and it just felt normal.”

“Yeah we got our mojo back,” Yandy agreed. “We had our rough patch in the beginning.”

“We wanted to snap each other’s heads off,” Mendeecees shared. “We were like brothers and sisters in the beginning, just arguing –,”

“Over stupid stuff,” Yandy finished her husband’s sentence. “Like ‘why would you put your plate in the sink instead of washing it? Why would you leave your clothes in the bathroom on the floor? Why would you leave the toilet seat up?'”

Fortunately the couple, who wed in a VH1 televised special back in 2015 found their groove and have learned to find the humor in their predicament at every turn, thanks in part to their kids’ big personalities.

“The thing for me that was good was, for me being gone such a long time, it really got me acclimated back into my kids life and my wife’s life, because I left when my kids were fairly young, and now I’m experiencing them at the age of 5 and 8 and getting reintroduced to them in the household, not in the visiting room,” Mendeecees told BOSSIP. “So for my daughter, she is a handful, she’s like a grown person in a little kids body, so every day she is different. She is just – oh my God. I’m still amazed.”

Yandy and Mendeecees son Omere turned 8-years-old in October, and while daughter Skylar will turn five later this month, her parents say she keeps them on their toes with her antics.

“So the other day we’re in the car,” Yandy recalls to BOSSIP. “He’s like ‘Skylar you gotta sit down and keep your seat belt on. Why are you moving so much? Stop moving. Sit down.’ And she said, ‘Dad I’m not that type of girl.’ He was like what? What do you mean?’

“She said, ‘Dad I’m not the sitting type of the girl. I’m moving type of girl,'” Mendeecees added. “I said, ‘What do you mean?’ She said ‘Dad I like to move. I move around a lot. That’s what I like to do. I’m the moving type of girl.’

The couple laughed, and Yandy added a funny detail. She believes Skylar inherited her personality from her grandmother.

“We be in shock all the time over the stuff that comes out that little mouth,” Yandy tells BOSSIP. “She is very Harlem. She takes after my mother-in-law Judy. If you’ve ever seen her on the show, she drove me crazy when I was pregnant with Skylar.

She is a little Judy.”

Hit the flip for more on how Yandy’s activism has affected the family and why the couple was so taken aback by Young Hollywood’s issues with Amara La Negra’s hair.



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