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Yandy Smith-Harris has some words for folks claiming that she’s on the frontlines for Breonna Taylor for “clout.” Yandy has been actively participating in protests for the unarmed EMT who was killed by Louisville, Kentucky police during a botched raid in March. Most recently, Yandy and Porsha Williams were arrested for a second-time while protesting with social justice organization Until Freedom, and prior to that, the two reality stars participated in BreonnaCon alongside Breonna Taylor’s family.

Fed up with nasty comments about the BreonnaCon events, both of the reality stars clapped back at detractors on social media.

“I’m being ambushed with comments and questions “Gross you’re profiting off her name” “How tacky is the Bre-BQ” “Why y’all keep coming back, clout clashing?” wrote Yandy on IG. “THESE ARE THE COMMENTS FROM OTHER SISTERS AND BROTHERS🤢🤦🏾‍♀️. First off EVERYTHING IS FREE!”

“Everything. I, nor anyone else was paid a booking fee to be here. 2nd WE DO NOT MOVE WITH OUT BREONNA’S MOM and family leading us. And yes we are certainly going to continue to come back until there is justice.”

That’s not all, however, back in February 2019, Yandy protested on behalf of inmates subjected to inhumane conditions at the Metropolitan Detention Center, a federal facility in Brooklyn. While on the frontlines, Yandy was pepper-sprayed by police.


Still, people think this is allllllll a ploy by Yandy to get TV time and “clout.”

A fan (and/or hater) left a negative comment on Yandy’s page accusing her of “clout chasing” by protesting.

That clearly pissed Yandy off, because she took time out to clap back and defend herself. According to Yandy, it wouldn’t make sense to “leave her children and her husband Mendeecees behind for clout.” 

Furthermore, she thinks the detractor doesn’t value the lives of black women.


“you so d*mn ignorant,” wrote Yandy. “YOU THINK I WOULD LEAVE MY CHILDREN AND MY HUSBAND TO PROTEST FOR A WOMAN, A BLACK WOMAN THAT WAS MURDERED IN HER SLEEP, FOR CLOUT?????? So you’re admitting you think BLACK WOMEN HAVE NO VALUE?!! So Breonna’s life isn’t enough for me to want to hold the officers accountable…I must just want clout, right? You sound so SILLY. Dafuq is clout anyway?!!!! You follow me and I don’t know you. That’s clout enough sis.”

Hi hater!

Yandy also recently shared a pic of Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis, and Rosa Parks’ mugshots alongside her own to point out that the leaders are her inspiration.


“In times of civil unrest, and disrespect to my culture and my people I will act in the steps of the heros and sheros before me,” Yandy captioned the post. “I want my children to read about how their mother stood up in the face of injustice. While you judge, criticize, poke fun just know I have your babies in mind too. All is love. God bless. @untilfreedom I love you all so much for waiting for us for hours on the outside and most keeping us real calm on the inside.”

She also clarified in a comment that she’s not comparing herself to the Civil Rights Leaders.

“I was stating how many times they got arrested. We won’t know what actions shape history. Clearly theirs has. I’m trying to do my part to be on the right side of history. The point I was making was with the multiple arrest I’ve had demanding justice seems right by the footsteps I’m trying to follow.”

Yandy also recently shared a post with Breonna Taylor’s mom Ms. Tamika Palmer.

It looks like Ms. Tamika Palmer doesn’t think Yandy’s chasing fame.

This isn’t the first time Yandy’s defended herself against “clout chasing” comments. On #LHHNY, her ex-bestie Kimbella accused her of adopting her foster daughter for “clout.”


Now that was shady.

What do YOU think about the Yandy “clout chasing” comments???


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