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Flordia Man strikes again, this time, stealing COVID-19 vaccines meant for high-risk groups.

Florida Provides COVID-19 Vaccine To Over 1 Million Seniors

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Florida is always an interesting place–if you have any doubts about that, just search #FloridaMan on social media and you’ll understand. Something about the weather and clear water makes people have lapses in judgment and do very questionable things. As the COVID-19 vaccines begin to go out across the United States, many are trying to take vaccines and even sell them, vaccinate their families, and help out friends willing to pay. According to NBC News, that is the case in Florida as an arrest has already happened for vaccine theft.

A Florida man who was named 2020 paramedic of the year admitted to investigators that he played a role in the alleged theft of coronavirus vaccine doses, the Polk County Sheriff said on Tuesday.

Joshua Colon, 31, was arrested on Monday and faces forgery, fraud and misconduct charges after he admitted to forging paperwork to cover up what he said was a supervisor’s theft of three pre-filled syringes of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine.

Police were able to determine the names used when they contacted the former firefighters and learned that they did not receive the Moderna vaccine. The former ‘Paramedic of the Year’ claims he was doing all this to cover for his boss, Polk County Fire Rescue Captain Anthony Damiano. Hopefully, he can prove it, or else he is looking at some serious trouble.


Colon’s attorney David Carmichael released a statement to NBC saying that he “deeply regrets” failing to let his Chain of Command know about the theft of the vaccine.

He has also resigned from his position.



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