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You probably could have guessed where this happened even if we hadn’t told you.

A profile view of yacare caiman (caiman yacare) with open mouth while it is entering cuiaba river at Pantanal

Source: Ibrahim Suha Derbent / Getty

The phrase “f**k around and find out” has gained popularity as of late and a puppy dog in Florida found out first-hand how true it is after venturing into the murky waters of the craziest state in America.

According to TMZ, a brave (see, crazy as hell) Florida man put himself in harm’s way in order to save the naive pooch from becoming lunch for a gator who was ready to treat him like Fogo de Chao. Someone captured video footage of the man wading into a pond and wrestling the dog from the jaws of a gator! In the clip, you can hear the doggy yelping in pain as both it and the man struggle for freedom.

We know a lot of you are pet owners out there but are you really going through such lengths to protect an animal from another animal? Nature is nature, right? Obviously, it would suck to lose a beloved furry friend to the call of the wild but you gotta be Doctor Dolittle to try some s#!t like this.

Press play down bottom and check out how it went down.

So, would you?


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