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New year, same cops.

Empty school hallway with lockers

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Some disturbing footage of a female high school student in Osceola, Florida being body-slammed violently on her head and knocked unconscious by a campus cop was uploaded online the other day and now the students at that school want the officer terminated ASAP.

We’ll warn you right now, the footage is very intense. It is not bloody but it is very difficult to watch a child being handled the way she was.

According to TMZ, the students are now banding together to demand that Officer Ethan Fournier be removed because they absolutely do not trust him. He is described as a “menace.” Things have gotten so bad that students are talking with their parents about transferring from the school out of fear for their safety.

Senior student Trey’vion Telfair says he thought Fournier was a solid guy. Telfair thought Fournier to be genuine when he stood alongside the students during the Liberty High School police brutality seminar that the Black Student Union held last year. Now, not so much…

Junior student Daijah Watts saw Fournier use his pepper spray on a group of students who were fighting two years ago and at this point, she doesn’t trust anyone in the department to not act violently toward them.

The school is providing mental health services and counseling to students who are traumatized by what they saw. A Sheriff’s Department rep says they are investigating the incident and early reports are that Fournier was attempting to break up a fight that students say was already broken up by the time his day-late-dollar-short a$$ got to the scene.



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