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masked burglar with crowbar breaking and entering into a victim's home

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Police Warn Florida Citizens To Be On The Look Out For Serial Toe-Sucker

According to WPLG, a Florida man claims to have been woken up early Christmas Eve by a home intruder allegedly sucking on his toes.

The 20-year-old man residing in Bradenton, Florida told authorities that he was asleep in his home when he started to feel something sucking his toes that woke him out of his slumber.

“The victim asked the suspect what he was doing and told him that he did not have any money. The suspect told him he was there to suck toes,” said an officer in the police report.

The man reportedly then jumped up and fought back against the toe-sucking scoundrel and chased him away from his property.

“The victim proceeded to punch the suspect in the mouth and force him out of the bedroom and outside into the yard..While he was forcing him out, the suspect told the victim that he had a gun and then attempted to fondle the victim’s genital area. The gun was never seen during the altercation.”

The man continued to successfully fight off his attacker, punching him and after finally wearing down the toe sucker, the man was able to return inside his home and call the police.

DNA evidence was collected and authorities are still looking for the toe-sucker. They hope to charge him with felony burglary with assault and battery and criminal mischief.


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