Drew Sidora Airs Out Latoya For Wig Shade On Real Housewives Of Atlanta

#RHOA Revenge: Drew Sidora Gets The Last Laugh After LaToya Ali’s Digs About Her Hair And Her Husband!

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“Real Housewives of Atlanta” got extra spicy during the ladies’ trip to South Carolina.

Drew Sidora and Latoya Ali

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Sunday’s episode showcased a whole lot of shade between LaToya Ali and Drew Sidora who have had ongoing tension since meeting at the beginning of Season 13. This time things started to go south after Porsha Williams’ friend Falyn showed up at the beach house and revealed she was staying in a villa next door. LaToya asked why she wasn’t staying with the rest of the girls, and Falynn responded “I brought my husband,” who she went on to call her “best friend.”

Most of the women said “Awwwww” in response, but LaToya aggressively shut them down. “Shut up with the ‘aww’! You could’ve made a best friend on this trip,” she said.

Drew then defended Falynn by calling out LaToya, “Don’t listen to her,” Drew said. “She don’t care about husbands. Aww.”

Drew’s comments were in reference to a previous conversation she’d had with LaToya where Ali had revealed her separation from her husband along with her belief that “you can do what you want when you’re separated.” During that conversation Drew had disagreed, saying, “What? Who says that? You’re still married. What vow did you take?”

Of course, LaToya wasn’t going to let Drew’s comments go without a response. She immediately confronted her, asking “What’d you say about my husband?”

“I said you don’t care about husbands, boo” Drew responded. “Falynn does.”

Things came to a head after LaToya repeatedly tried to grab Drew’s wrist, then asked, “Drew, can we talk about your struggling husband?”

Without missing a beat, Drew responded, “You don’t know nothing about my struggling husband, though.”

At this point, several women tried to intervene, coming between Drew and LaToya.

“The last bit** that grabbed me found her head rammed in a damn gate. Don’t f— with me. I’m from Chicago, bitch,” Drew said.

Once the women returned to the living room Kenya asked LaToya to apologize.

“I apologize for touching you,” LaToya said. “So can I touch you now?”

“Don’t touch me ever!” Drew told her.

“I just want to touch the hair,” LaToya said, making yet ANOTHER dig at Drew’s wig, which she called a pet in previous episodes.

LaToya later tried to defend her behavior in a conversation with Cynthia, Kenya, and Kandi.

“I’m very handsy,” LaToya explained. “I’m Trini, I’m Caribbean, we’re touchy-feely people. But you can’t touch nobody. I get it.”

LaToya also reiterated her previous criticisms of Drew’s hair, saying, “If your wig is trash, it’s trash.”

Yes, it was a whole mess… There were also incidents by the pool, where LaToya pulled out a wig she claimed to have purchased for Drew, “coming from a good place.”

Fortunately, the situation came to a head before the end of the weekend. During dinner, LaToya attempted to address her shade toward Drew’s wig.

“So I know there have been a few conversations about Drew’s wig,” LaToya said. “It wasn’t tacked down, the lace wasn’t plucked and stuff. It was fake of me for not saying it to your face, you know what I’m saying? And I apologize for that. I want to go ahead and purchase a wig for you, and I want to get it plucked, and you know, secured correctly.”

Drew met LaToya’s “apology” with a seemingly shady smile.

“I’m really happy to hear that you watch me so closely, it’s really sweet,” Drew said. “But I get my wigs from the top stylist in Hollywood, so no offense, but yeah, probably won’t wear it. You know what? I got you something.”

Drew returned with a headshot and a pen.

“So everyone’s been telling me about this wig that you were going to bring me, and you’ve been so concerned about my wig,” Drew said. ” When I first met you, you didn’t like me because of Drew Sidora from The Game. Then I was like, ‘Okay, she’s watching me.’ So I feel like you’re my biggest fan.”

Drew signed her headshot to her ‘biggest fan LaToya,’ and the act was applauded by the rest of the group. Drew got the last word in the drama, telling the group:

“What I’m used to doing in my group of friends, we put our issues on the table. LaToya owned up to what she said. Moving on!”

Do you think this feud is finally over?

Watch some of the highlights below:



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