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Steel Raised Fist Sculpture Erected At George Floyd Square

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Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd in one of the most heinous police brutality videos we’ve ever seen–certainly the most infamous by the standard of AmeriKKKan history. However, this was not the first time that Chauvin had employed his deadly tactics against Black people and other minorities according to a new report in the NY Times.

Several of Chauvin’s past victims have come forward with their stories about how they believed the former Minneapolis cop was on a mission to kill them. Take Maya Code for example. She says that when Chauvin responded to a domestic dispute call at her home, he forced her to the ground and put the weight of his body into his knee which was planted in her neck. Things got so bad that she essentially told Chauvin to press harder to which he happily obliged. “Don’t kill me,” was her plea.

In 2016, another man named Jimmy Bostic had a violent interaction with Chauvin after being asked to leave a market for threatening to spit on the owner. Bostic says that as he was being arrested he yanked his arm back and then, “The next thing I felt was arms just wrapped around my neck,” he said. “I started telling him, ‘Let go, I’m having trouble breathing. I have asthma. I can’t breathe.’”

Sound familiar?

In yet another incident, a man named Sir Rilee Peet was suspected of stealing a car. A witness, 74-year-old Monroe Skinaway said Peet, Chauvin, and another officer got into a scuffle. Upon being subdued, Skinaway says that Chauvin pressed Peet’s face down into a rain puddle for 2 to 3 minutes. He recalls seeing bubbles emerge from the puddle as Peet struggled to breathe.

“He said, ‘I can’t breathe — can I just put my head up?’” Mr. Skinaway said. “And they just held his face in the water, and I couldn’t see a purpose for that.”

Mr. Skinaway says that once Peet got his up to gasp for air, Chauvin grabbed his head and re-submerged him into the water.

Oh, but there’s more. A newly-released body camera video shows Chauvin and several other officers involved in Floyd’s murder wrongly detaining a man just weeks before they killed George in the Minneapolis streets.

Put these pigs in prison and throw away the key.


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