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It must be a really tense, complicated time for Reginae Carter who seemingly has everything going on for her in life. Meanwhile, her ex-bf YFN Lucci, who she was recently rekindling with, is locked up and implicated in a murder case.

The reality star has been trying to maintain some sense of normalcy on social media. This week while going live during her workout routine, a fan abruptly set the 22-year-old artist off after they asked about Lucci’s whereabouts.

In the video, you can see things took a left turn when a fan asked Reginae where “Ray” was. Ray aka Lucci is still behind bars as he awaits his next court date. This was triggering for Reginae, who immediately exploded.

“Yeah they jump off on here and hate but guess what? While they hatin’ I’m getting me a good a*s workout and they fat. F*ck them. I’m so tired of the d*mn haters, they just want to — they gon hate, they gon hate. They hate what they can’t relate to. They do all of that sh*t. But guess what, I still get paid at the end of the day. I still look good. I still get what I want. F*ck you mean?”

Clearly flustered, the 22-year-old continued.

“You can hate all you want, the f*ck, I’m so tired of these people. I’m so tired of y’all. Y’all always thinking that people give a f*ck about what y’all talking about. We don’t. You won’t stop me from loving who the f*ck I love, you won’t stop me from doing what the f*ck I wanna do, you won’t! You just won’t! B*tch.”

Skip to around the 1:30 mark, you can see the clip of Reginae going off below:



Last month, YFN Lucci pled with the court to release him and to allow him a reasonable bond because of his “four children whom he financially supports,” TMZ reported.

Court documents reveal that the rapper also supports his mother who lives in Georgia. He said he will pose no threat to his community or other individuals if he’s allowed to leave the facility.


What do YOU think? Was Reginae valid for going in on that nosy follower?


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