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It’s only been a few weeks since Kimmy K was klobbered for posting another ‘urban outfit‘ with a splash of casual Blackfishery that sparked the kazillionth Kardashian klobbering on social media without any lessons being learned.

Fast forward to yesterday where Khloe plopped on her klown nose and tweeted Black woman emojis which is odd considering that she’s a whole white woman.

At this point, it’s clear the Kardashians know exactly what to do for attention, especially Khloe who continues to embarrass herself as the headliner in Tristan Thompson’s circus.

In December, she was flooded with shady responses to her comment of heart emojis underneath Tristan’s post celebrating his son Prince’s 4th birthday–yes, the son with his other baby mama Jordan Craig.

One commenter noted, “girl bye don’t put ❤ under someone’s son.”

It wasn’t the only “girl bye” she got either.

Others noticed that Prince’s birthday post also made mention of True, with one commenter noting, “couldn’t just be about him … had to make it about you and True as well……”

Someone else agreed, ” Sorry but do you ever see him saying “your brother is so lucky to have…” on one of True’s birthday posts?”

Oh, but they were just getting warmed up.

“@khloekardashian girl get off here with that you never acknowledge this little fellow but got the nerve to be commenting now. 🙄 You messy”

Yet another said:

“@khloekardashian Have a seat Koko klown🤡. This ain’t about you tho.”

Do you think the Kardashians are just trolling us, at this point? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter hysteria over Khloe’s latest shenanigans on the flip.

“Khloe.. My patience is very thin this month.” – and it’s only the first week

“not a yeast yeti using the colored people emojis” – YEAST YETI

“Khloe please not on black history month??????” – this pic tho

“Why are you using jordyn’s emojis ?” – questions that need answers

“Ma’am I don’t know how to tell you this but umm…. you’re white” – it is what it is

This pic. This is it.

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The correction tho… Khloe is a mess

“Officer OJ’s daughter acting up again” – she can’t help it

*cackles at two usable options being presented*



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