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Is THIS what Jesus would do??

St Catherine's church, Frankfurt, Germany

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Pastor Dwight McKissic of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas, a Black man, recently revealed that he had received an inflammatory and racist letter from a white “devout Christian” author named John Rutledge.

According to WFAA, McKissic says he got the letter after making the announcement that he was leaving the Southern Baptist Convention. His reason for leaving was because the organization made a public statement that the critical race theory that speaks to the existence of systemic racism did not apply to their doctrine. Do you see the irony that is building up here?

“In Minnesota, they put a knee on George Floyd’s neck. We will not let them put a knee on the necks of our pulpit,” said McKissic.

The letter, that described Black people as “savages” and other racial slurs that McKissic obviously found appalling. He felt like he had a responsibility to make the letter public to show people that hatred and bigotry live inside of religion as much as the secular world.

The folks at WFAA spoke to Rutledge and he didn’t back down not one inch.

“How can you call yourself a Christian and make comments about another race like this? If the facts are the facts, Christianity has nothing to do with it,” said Rutledge.


 The Southern Baptist Convention eventually ended up condemning the racist letter and told McKissic that they are working towards “becoming more diverse,” but the pastor revealed that it could be a challenge for the organization that currently has no people of color in its leadership positions.

“The Southern Convention has yet to prove evidence that they’re willing to accept Black people, Asian or Hispanics at any leadership positions,” said McKissic.

Lord, please bless pastor McKissic for making sense!


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