MAFS' Vincent Talks Marrying Briana

#MAFS Exclusive: Vincent Recaps His Blind Wedding To His ‘Boss’ Boo Briana ‘I Was Happy When I Saw Her’

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Another Married At First Sight success story might be brewing and fans of the Kinetic Content show are ecstatic.

Briana and Vincent

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Kind and mature autobroker Vincent, 27, wed his sweet stranger spouse Briana, a 28-year-old engineer after meeting for the first time at the altar. Sparks flew IMMEDIATELY and their chemistry and comfort showed as they posed for wedding day pics and acted like a longstanding loving couple.


Woody and Amani is that you, again????

Tonight, viewers will see Briana and Vincent enjoying their Las Vegas honeymoon and continue to bond. Bri’s clearly already smitten by her hubby and Vincent who’s ready to “deep dive into marriage”, tells Briana flat-out they’re a “match made in heaven.”


BOSSIP recently spoke with Vincent about his blind marriage to Briana that viewers think will end on a happy note when Decision Day comes around. See his thoughts on his first impressions, an embarrassing behind the scenes moment, and his thoughts on being part of a fan-favorite couple.

What made you sign up for Married At First Sight? How did you know that you were truly ready for marriage?

They found me, and at the time I was not too familiar with the show. After some research, I decided to move forward and apply. I would say that I have always pictured myself having a beautiful family. I would have never thought of me going through a process like MAFS to find a wife, and with the odds being against me [number of applicants] I thought if I was selected it was because it was meant to be.

What was your impression of the fellow grooms when you guys met up before the weddings?

I thought all of the guys were great, and I was looking forward to learning more about everyone.

What was your first thought when you saw Briana?

I thought Briana was definitely attractive, I was happy when I saw her.

What was your first dance like with your wife?

I would say that the night before, I thought about how awkward the first dance could be. When It came down to my wedding, it felt right and not awkward at all.

What were you REALLY thinking when your wife told you that she doesn’t eat Chick-Fil-A?

I was a little surprised, but I didn’t mind much. She eats fish, so that to me was great news because her diet is not just all plant-based.

What did you think when her family kept describing her as “bossy”?

I was so nervous that when I heard it – it went in one ear and out the other. After my nerves settled, I did think about it and didn’t think much of it. I just looked at it as my wife being independent which is not a bad thing. Briana being a boss is a good thing for me–she knows what she wants.

What’s something that happened behind the scenes at the wedding that you wish viewers saw on camera?

I was so relieved the show didn’t air when I struggled with my suitcase on wedding day. I overpacked and ended up breaking the zipper. Not only did I take super long to halfway close the suitcase, I was rolling my suitcase wide open through the hallways In my apartment building. It could have been a funny scene, but at the time it was really frustrating. My nerves were really getting to me. Hard to notice, but the day after I was rolling around a new suitcase.

Your family described you as a “workaholic” to Briana, do you think that’s true?

I have worked in sales most of my life. I have been working weekends, 12 hr shifts, and I’ve been inside a dealership close to 1 in the morning. When you work retail, you are working on the client’s time and sometimes you stay super late. You have to get used to missing trips, parties, gatherings, dinners, etc. After being in it so long, it’s second nature, but you do spend a lot of time away from home. My family has always given me a hard time about “not always being able to make it.” I am super competitive and I do whatever it takes to get the next sale, compete for Sales Person of the month, etc. That means always working and putting in extra effort.

So far, you and Briana are fan-favorites this season. How does it feel to have people rooting for your marriage?

It feels great to have a majority of the fans root for you, for sure. I definitely put a lot on the line to go through this process, and that extra support definitely helps me feel even better about going on MAFS.

You can see more of Vincent TONIGHT when MAFS Unfiltered airs at 7:30/6:30 C on Lifetime ahead of Married At First Sight airing at 8/7 c.


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