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Amani and Woody, Miles And Karen

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During BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap, two Married At First Sight success stories spoke on a controversial husband on the Kinetic Content show’s new season.

As previously reported tongues are wagging about MAFS season 12 spouse Chris Williams who said he wasn’t “attracted to his wife” Paige Banks despite sleeping with her TWICE.

He also was engaged three months prior to the #MAFS process, possibly has a baby on the way, and said his wife isn’t the “pretty, prissy” type he’s used to or “wanted”, but someone “he needs.”

Married At First Sight: Atlanta

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R U D E.

With that in mind, during last night’s Instagram live with Couples Cam stars, Amani and Woody and Karen and Miles, BOSSIP asked for the couples’ opinions on Chris and the new season.

Miles And Karen, Woody And Amani

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According to Woody and Amani, they’re going to release a special to share their real thoughts on what’s going down…

“Well, what I will say is this,” said Woody to BOSSIP. “We got a special coming up, that we’re gonna [do] to debrief the season, give our opinion on season 12. Just to sum it up it’s pretty interesting.

“Honestly, I’m getting a lot of good laughs off this season,” added Amani. “I’ll wait to go into detail and give y’all the real tea. We have a lot of feelings.”

and according to Karen and Miles, there’s LOTS to unpack and they’re looking forward to tuning in to see how things unfold.

“I’ll say this,” said Miles to BOSSIP. “I’m hoping that there’s more to the story. First and foremost, I know that things can be difficult but from what I’ve seen from this young man, there’s a lot of growth I need to see. A LOT of growth.”

“I’m shocked, I’m a little in shock,” said Karen. “This is a lot happening, I’m gonna stay tuned because I need to see more.”

Miles also responded to comparisons between him and (so far) super sweet Married At First season 12 husband Vincent.

Married At First Sight: Atlanta

Source: LaJoy Cox of LaJoy Photography / The First Look Photography

As previously reported auto broker Vincent, 27, is super ready to be married despite his age as it’s part of his Dominican culture. He wed his sweet stranger spouse Briana, a 28-year-old engineer, and so far, Vincent seems 100% on board with making their marriage work.

According to Miles, who was 26 when he tied the knot with Karen, he can see parallels between him and the MAFS newbie who’s looking forward to forever.

“I can see that,” said Miles to BOSSIP. “He seems like a sweet guy, a cool dude. At some point, I want to reach out to him and see how alike we are. He seems like a real good dude so far.”

Love to see it!

If missed BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap you can watch both interviews with Woody and Amani and Karen and Miles below. Be on the lookout for more exclusives from both sitdowns!


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