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Okay we get it, they’re pretty much perfection.

Russell Wilson and Ciara Cover GQ's March 2021 Modern Lovers Issue

Source: Micaiah Carter / GQ

Ciara and Russell Wilson are featured on one of three covers for GQ’s March Modern Lovers issue. The couple talk about the work they put into their perfect marriage. The fun rules they’ve created like limiting themselves to five days apart and the challenges they faced blending their family when Ciara’s ex was toxic.

Check out some of the highlights from the GQ cover story below.

We already know you want to get right to the part that’s going to set off toxic tweets from Future. We actually have to commend the couples because they don’t ever even mention Ciara’s ex — they just were kind enough to respond to GQ’s questions.

On Fathering Ciara’s Son With Future

“When I got to meet Future, he was young,” Wilson says of his then nine-month-old stepson. “And the reality was that for me it was a blessing and an opportunity to really hopefully be there for him every day and try to care for him in a way that was important for me, that I always wanted someone to do for me. Like my dad did for me. And so I think the greatest thing that I’ve ever learned in life is probably in that relationship with Future, because the reality of being a stepparent is that biologically they’re not necessarily yours, but the reality is that you have to love them as if they are. They’re your own blood in a way. You get to love them that way. And I think every kid deserves that and needs that and yearns for that.”

That’s beautiful, right? GQ makes note that Future didn’t exactly take too kindly to Russell Wilson’s public displays of parenthood, but the Wilsons are super unbothered in their responses.

On Whether Rapper Future’s Public Toxicity Made Things Hard For Them:

“I don’t think anybody made it hard,” Wilson says. “I think it was easy for us. I think it was about us. It wasn’t about anything else. It was about how we were going to love, and for me it was easy. It was easy to love. It’s easy to love C—every day I get to love her and take care of her and our kids is the greatest gift I have. So I cherish that every day.”

“And I will also say,” Ciara says, “from day one we’ve been living life for us. Russ—I mean, he did talk about, you know, how he feels and this passion from a father’s perspective, but what’s always been beautiful about Russ is just to see him from day one, excitingly jumping in and changing diapers.”

Seee! Now didn’t they do an amazing job navigating the tough questions? Almost as effortlessly as they tackled the GQ Couples Quiz. Speaking of which, check out their GQ couples quiz below then hit the flip for more comments about how the Wilsons are winning in love.

Sheesh! They were almost perfect yet again.

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