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We didn’t hear a single lie.

Toronto Raptors v Golden State Warriors

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Listen, we’ll be the first to tell you that Draymond Green can be a huge pain in the a$$. He’s overly-demonstrative to the point of clownery, he complains about EVERY call the refs make, and he has a sordid history of out-of-pocket antics on the court. That said, we’ve never known him to be a liar or afraid to his mind.

Last night, those attributes were on full display when he read the NBA and the individual franchises the riot act for the way they treat players as opposed to how players are expected to act when they are publicly embarrassed by trade announcements and rumors. In this instance, Dray was set off by the Cleveland Cavaliers sending Andre Drummond back to the locker room to change into street clothes effectively communicating that he was soon-to-be no longer part of the team.

KRON’s Jason Dumas reporting:

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Brian Windhorst, the Cavs will be moving forward with Jarrett Allen as their center and don’t want Drummond to overexert himself. The quiet part in that polysyllabic word salad is that if Andre were to get hurt, the Cav’s trade potential could significantly decrease. However, anyone who watches the NBA regularly knows what would have been said about Drummond had he demanded a trade and given up on his team.

ESPN also noted that The Cavalier’s general manager Koby Altman spoke about the trade with Drummond’s agent Jeff Schwartz and decided that he would be sidelined while he waits to be picked up by a new team.

Following the news, Coach J.B. Bickerstaff shared his thoughts as the Cavs finished up their road trip Monday night at Golden State.

“Sometimes you’re forced into difficult positions that’s not easy to navigate, but in respect to Dre and all that he’s done and accomplished and as much as he’s helped us, we thought this was the fairest thing to do for him.”

Bickerstaff said the Cavs will decide if Drummond will remain around his teammates amid trade talks in the coming days.

Schwartz believes even with his trade pending, Drummond still has a “great deal to add to a team-building toward a postseason run.”

It’s a dirty game.


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