Funniest, Wildest & Messiest Tweets From RHOA's Spicy Strippergate Saga

Bussit For Bolo: Funniest, Wildest & Messiest Tweets From RHOA’s Spicy Strippergate Saga

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Bussit For BOLO

RHOA fans are buzzing over Bolo and his thaaaaang that sent Twitter into a TIZZY during the long-awaited “strippergate” saga we first heard about months ago.

As previously reported ahead of the Season 13 premiere, two unnamed cast members reportedly had their own personal bussit challenge with a big swole skripper at Cynthia Bailey’s Bachelorette Party.

The alleged participants were Porsha Williams who shook off the rumor and Tanya Sam who vehemently denied it and reportedly stopped filming RHOA because of it. The male skripper at the center of the scandal, Bolo The Entertainer, also spoke out and denied sleeping with the women citing his professionalism while calling the allegations “straight bulls***.”

Still, despite those denials, it seemed like something definitely happened based on Porsha and Tanya’s body language during a ridiculous interrogation by Kenya Moore who claimed she heard “sex noises” during the night in question.

In the most entertaining episode of the sleepy season, the ladies engaged in dungeon debauchery hosted by Kandi who brought them spicy outfits including latex bodysuits, thongs, and fishnets that they rock while throwing money (and other things) at a Chanel-clad Bolo.

Later, Porsha Williams grinds against Bolo who calls her “crazy”, and she tells him that after production stops filming he should “hang out” and “just party” with the ladies. The ladies also cover the cameras that are still rolling inside their Charleston pad.

“Hopefully, we can get you guys to turn off the cameras for a little while so that we can actually have fun,” says Kandi to the RHOA production crew.

The crew is seen leaving and the ladies are very ready for the real fun can begin.

“Where is Bolo and his thaaaaaang?” asks Porsha who also tells LaToya to “come on down and f***.” Shamea Morton is also heard laughing and asking Porsha if she’s a “whole bisexual” and Porsha makes a comment about someone “eating her.”

Oh yes, it was quite a HOOT and easily the best episode of the season that trended #2 worldwide on Twitter the entire night.

What was your favorite moment of the hilariously lusty episode? Tell us down below and peep the funniest, wildest and messiest tweets/memes on the flip.

“Porsha is nasty” – we love it

“#RHOA ladies: okay let’s turn off the cameras.

Producers: okay. You got it.

Also Producers:” – haaaaaa

“Porsha’s reaction when Bolo walked in” – *cackles*

“Porsha’s reaction to Kenya’s dancing” – Porsha was outta control (and we loved it)

“We cut up and it was legendary” – LEGENDARY

“The way Porsha FLEW over the couch” – LOLOLOLOL

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““How many arms do you have?!” Porsha is EVERYTHING!” – we stan

“Porsha’s faces while Bolo was doing his thing… PRICELESS”- CLASSIC moment

“me after watching Bolo’s scenes” – ALSO

“Drew on Bolo” – oop!

“kenya listening to the sex noises for 45 minutes while brooklyn waiting on t*tty milk upstairs:” – *cackles*

“If Porsha did get her back blown out by big d*ck Bolo, honestly…” – so real

“When your man asks who’s Bolo?!” – welpity welpppp

“Y’all know who would’ve turned #BoloFest out?

Phaedra Parks, Freak at Law. #RHOA” – it would’ve been a SHOW


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