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After going viral for disrespecting Cam Newton while being a guest at the Cam Newton football camp, a young kid has issued an apology for his actions, realizing everyone in the football world now knows him for all the wrong reasons.

Cam Newton

Source: Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe/Getty Images / Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe/Getty Images

One thing our parents always taught us is to be grateful and show respect in other folks’ houses and respect other peoples’ property. This weekend, Cam Newton hosted his 7 on 7 football camp for the kids to help them get ready for the next level, but also, to keep them out of trouble and be around like-minded individuals.

It’s a blessing to even be part of an event like this–it’s almost like a work conference and open job interview for the big leagues. The flip side to this, however, is that anything bad you do will live on forever, as well. This past week, a young kid took his opportunity to make a good impression and instead used it to joke on Cam Newton for being a free agent.

This is the most disrespectful thing anyone could do at that camp when you really think about it. Cam Newton won the Heisman Trophy, college football championship, former league MVP, and also made a Super Bowl appearance. His place in history is already secured and to add to it, as a black QB, Cam did it his way and paved the way for future kids that look like him.

After a weekend of going viral, the kid that poked fun finally issued an apology once he realized the video will follow him every step of the way in his football career. You can read his apology below.

Cam has also responded in his trademark heada$$ hieroglyphics and essentially said that he didn’t argue with the young man because he’d rather have a positive impact.

“pëøpÅ‚ë waÌ‚ñt tø śëë më aÌ‚rgüíñg wíth aÌ‚ñøthër ÿøüñg maÌ‚ñ aÌ‚ñd tø śëë më “gët íñ mÿ F££ÅĮŃGś”….🤦🏽‍♂️ büt thë TRÜTH íś thíś, Į ĮM₽AÌ‚CÌŒT KĮD§ ŁĮV£§ ĮŃ AÌ‚ ₽اĮTĮV£ â‚©AÌ‚¥, maÌ‚kë NÌØ MĮ§TAÌ‚K£ aÌ‚bøüt ít í aÌ‚Å‚Å‚øw kídś tø rëaÌ‚Å‚íżë thërë “ØÜT”, bÿ üśíñg thërë føøtbaÌ‚Å‚Å‚ taÌ‚Å‚ëñtś tø gët thëm tø thë ñëxt Å‚ëvëł aÌ‚ñd íñ MاT cÌŒaÌ‚śëś…. ØÜT ØF TH£ HØØD”


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