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Free the guy!


Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Bobby Shmurda officially a free man! Yesterday, BOSSIP reported that his release date had been bumped up after the Time Allowance Committee had taken notice of his behavior and participation in prison programs. Today, February 23, 2021 is that day! According to TMZ, Bobby was freed from his oppressor at the infamous Clinton Correctional Facility just before 8:30 am this morning.

It goes without saying that his mother is EXTREMELY excited to have her baby boy back and the feeling appears to be very mutual as Bobby was seen blowing her kisses and smiling on FaceTime.

As a condition of release, Bobby will be on parole supervision for the next five years until Feb. 23, 2026. We hope he keeps his nose clean and far, far away from these new rappers who commit crimes on social media and these “media outlets” who goad them into revealing self-incriminating evidence publicly.

Bobby had several close-calls while incarcerated that could have kept him confined for a significantly longer number of years. Those include fighting, possession of a shiv, and drug possession, he’s very, very lucky to be free. He needs to recognize that fact and act accordingly.

The Migo’s frontman Quavo was on hand to welcome Bobby back into free society.

If you’re wondering why Quavo is taking such a personal approach it is because he was one of the first artists to embrace Bobby and the GS9 guys as they were ascending to heights of success back in 2014.

Look at the energy, the excitement, and the camaraderie…

Huncho clearly has no problem putting his money where his heart is…

Gotta respect that.


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