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“All that grandfather junk, it’s stupid!”

Mary Cosby Grandad

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After his marriage was highlighted on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, the man who married his step-granddaughter is clapping back. During Wednesday’s #RHOSLC reunion finale, Robert Sr. appeared virtually alongside his fellow Pentecostal Pastor wife Mary Cosby.

The peeved clergyman told Andy flat-out that he was not pleased and took none too kindly to comments concerning their relationship, as his wife urged him to keep calm.

“He’s still upset, he’s not as strong as me,” said Mary. “Be nice!”

When Andy asked if he was hesitant to join the show, Robert Sr. confirmed that “he was” but Mary said that was untrue. “You was?! No, you wasn’t!” she said.

Later, he laid down the law about their unconventional marriage and denied that it was about money. He noted that when he married Mary’s grandmother he was only 22-years-old. “Whose grandaddy was I?!” asked Robert.

“One thing that they don’t understand, I don’t know, they think we got married just for the money, everything was money, money, money. It’s not like that,” he said. “The other thing is, this granddaddy junk, it’s stupid. I was 22 years old when I married Mama [Mary’s grandmother, Rosemary Cosby]. Whose granddaddy was I? I wasn’t even anybody’s daddy yet. I don’t like that. I don’t like that at all. That’s very offensive. If somebody says that, that’s hurtful. But I’m used to it. I don’t like people messing with my wife at all.”

He also praised Mary despite his wife previously saying that they’re not intimate and sleep in separate bedrooms.

“Mary is a great mother and a great wife. I love her,” said Robert Sr. “I understand we’ve had our ups and downs. Hey, you’ve been married 22 years, how in the world can you not get along?”

Andy also asked Robert what kind of First Lady Mary is at their church.

“The best, but she’s more than a First Lady,” said Robert. “Really, she’s a co-pastor, she’s my equal.”

Aint’ that sweet?

Hopefully, Robert Sr.’s hesitation about #RHOSLC won’t rob us of another season of Mary Cosby. It’s CLEAR that viewers are eating up her antics.

Jen Shah’s husband Coach Shah also issued an apology on behalf of his wife who called Mary a “grandfather f***r.”

“When I saw what my wife said and it came on, I said, ‘Baby, that’s unacceptable.’ I don’t care what she may have said in that moment, and she knows this. I said, ‘You can’t talk about people’s marriages, you don’t talk about what they do, that was unacceptable.’ And my wife knows that I was upset and hurt for that. I said, ‘We can’t degenerate to that kind of talk, not that,'” Sharrieff told Robert at the reunion. “And so, that’s what it was for me, and I apologize, brother, I’m sorry. That’s not my wife, that was in the heat of the moment, and that’s not an excuse. God willing, she’ll be better going forward because I believe in her. And hopefully, she gets a chance to at least demonstrate who she really is, God willing.”

Did YOU watch #RHOSLC??? Rumors are swirling that season 2 is filming—will YOU tune in???


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